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Alumni News – May 2023

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Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: MSU Shooting and More Gun Control Coming

Andrew invites fellow Michigander Trek from MDFI to come talk about the tragedy at MSU and what has the anti-gunners frothing at the mouth now. 

February Alumni News


MDFI is accepting applications for the position of Assistant Instructor. If you are interested in joining the MDFI Cadre, this is your chance!

There is no, “I” in “Team” but there is in, “Liability.”

In relation to Church Security Teams looking for training. There is a huge difference between a church that allows members of its congregation to lawfully carry and being a member of a "Church Security Team."

A.L.I.C.E. in Wonderland: Getting Real About Workplace Security

We have all heard the acronyms ALICE (“Run, Hide, Fight”) or ALERT (“Escape, Evade, Attack”) Training when it comes to often referenced business and school “Safety/Active […]


Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Going Dark w/ Trek

Trek from MDFI Training joins the MoF boys to talk about low light techniques and Andrew's recent low light class.


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2023 Season – PREVIEW

Our TENATIVE 2023 training schedule – registration will start opening to Alumni on October 15, 2022 and to the public on November 15, 2022.

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Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Make Range Safety Rules Make Sense Again w/ Trek

Phil and Andrew sit down with Trek to talk about the recent ups and downs with the MDFI family, then round out with some horror stories from public ranges and what is prompting Trek to try something different.

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Podcast: How to Take a Class and What to Expect

No matter which role you may fill in a firearms training class, this episode is valuable to students and instructors alike. Today’s guest is Erik Utrecht from Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute and between the two of us, we cover all kinds of issues pertaining to firearms training.

Alumni News – Feb 1

2022 Season, Bulk Packs & Class Availability

Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Use of Force the Finale w/ Trek from MDFI

Phil, Andrew, and Trek sit down behind the mic for one more “Use of Force” chat in response to the multiple good and awful examples court cases and media have shown us of firearm use in recent years. Trek makes the case for why some of these high profile cases illustrate good takeaways and poor decision making.

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