We have a fellow MDFI Alumni member and Michigander in need! We developed Operation: Skywalker a couple years ago as a fundraising program to help out our Alumni in need. Luckily it’s something we don’t always need, but we have our second Alumni member who could use our community support.

One of our students, Kirk Culik a 68 year old retired Corrections Officer, Coach for both IIHF Hockey and High School Boxing, 3-time cancer survivor, and respected member of his community was forced to defend himself after being attacked in May 2022 in Hillsdale, Michigan. He was treated like a criminal with no rights by our government and put through the wringer while fighting the judicial system. In April of this year he was finally acquitted of all charges – but has lost almost everything in the process.

LISTEN TO THE FULL STORY HERE (video was too big to put here): https://tinyurl.com/OPERATIONSKYWALKER

LEARN MORE / DONATE HERE: Please give what you can, even if it’s just $5 or $10 – it adds up!

There are THOUSANDS of MDFI Alumni and even more folks out there who are freedom-loving American’s who could easily share the same fate as Kirk if the planets aligned the same way as what happened to him.

Ask yourself what it would feel like to be in Kirk’s situation and then ask yourself what would it mean to have a family of like-minded folks from all over this county getting your back when you’ve been kicked while you were down.

Thank you to everyone who has donated and spread the word thus far, and thank you to everyone who will!

– Trek
Owner, MDFI

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