Original Air Date: March 11, 2024

Episode Description:
Trek (Erik Utrecht) and I sit down and discuss a bunch of stuff from self-reliance to firearms training out at MDFI. We also had a really interesting conversation about firearm and range safety. I’m looking forward to getting back out to MDFI for some of their classes.

About JBS Training Group Podcast:
We are a collective group of people who love all things shooting. We find the martial art of marksmanship-at-speed fascinating and we intend to get better at it regularly. Your host, Mark Smith, is an avid competitive pistol and carbine shooter, who happens to be a USPSA Grand Master. Mark runs JBS Training Group, where he travels the country teaching others what he knows about being fast AND accurate. There truly is so much to learn about shooting and we hope to be an outlet for those of you who desire to constantly better yourselves as shooters, and as people. Join us on this adventure!

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