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Class Flow: RELAXED (classroom setting)

When A Gun Is Not An Option (WAGINAO) is designed for the responsible citizen who desires to gain the knowledge and understanding of the lawful levels of force as well as add tools and techniques to their self-defense tool kit that focus on situations existing outside the lethal force level.

This course is tailored to give students an introduction to lawful use of force, understanding the types of people we encounter and how to appropriately interact with them, and familiarization with tools available to law-abiding citizens that fill a gap between no force and lethal force.

When A Gun Is Not An Option is a fun, educational, and interactive seminar-based class where students will have the ability to learn, discuss, watch demonstrations, and have hands on time with intermediate force tools.

This course is for any individual interested in increasing their defensive options, those who work in “Gun Free Zones,” those who choose not to carry a firearm, and those who do carry a firearm but are interested in adding tools for when a gun is not a lawful option.


  • The Whole Person Concept
  • Situational Awareness
  • Mindset and Scene Observation
  • Constitutional Use of Force
  • Prevention
  • Types of Less Lethal Tools Including Both OC (Pepper Spray) and EMD Weapons (Tasers/Stun Guns)
  • Less Lethal Tool Employment and Demonstration
  • Observation of a Pepper Spray Exposure and Decontamination


  • Note Taking Materials
  • Recommended: Snacks + Drink for Full Day


  • Saturday
     October 19, 2024
     9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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The WAGINAO class - in March 2023 - was very good. All of the course content / examples were very good. It clarified - for me - the proper use and laws of all the alternative products available. Class length was just right. I have taken the Medical Class and learned alot also. I will attend more classes and I will highly recommend them to others. Thank you for the high quality instruction and instructors.

There were 5 of us from our family at this class. Trek covered a lot of information that was new to a lot of us. He did a great job of providing times of questions and feedback so we all could engage in the material. We all hope and pray we never need to defend ourselves from the worst. This class educated us in several ways to either "not be present" when trouble happens or how to "deescalate a potentially bad situation". This learning is priceless to our family! We suggest you take multiple members from your household so you can continue to compare notes afterwards and keep the information fresh.

 by Mike Ogozaly on Class: When A Gun Is Not An Option

This was my first class with the MDFI. I learned more from Treck in 8 hours about situational awarness and how to handle situations, than I did taken 2-3 day long seminars. The training and information is brokn down so its easy to learn and remember. I look forward to taking more classes at the MDFI.

Ive taken other classes that were 2-3 days long on situation awarness, but walk away with more

Trec broke this all down into an 8 hours course.

So much of what we like to train is around the sexy gun craft stuff. Yet so much of life's potential conflict problems are not in the realm where use of lethal force is justified. WAGINAO is an essential part of being a well-rounded, responsibly armed and equipped citizen. The class balances mindset, legality, real-world examples, and gear selection. And it's executed in the MDFI style we've come to love: Safe, Fun, Educational.

This is my second class with MDFI. The first was YSINTG and now "When a Gun is Not an Option". I had taken this class because my teen daughter will be starting college soon and I know that she will be in a "gun free zone". I convinced (through bribery) my daughter to join me. We both got a lot out of the class. I have a CPL and with this class it helped me to learn how to differentiate what situations need what kind of action. Also, it was very beneficial to learn what different kinds of pepper spray to use and how they work. Thanks Trek for providing us with a great bonding mother, daughter time and helping to teach us what we need to know about situational awareness.

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