MDFI Foundation Handgun


1-Day Class | 9am – 7pm
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(this course has been registered with MCOLES for use of PA 302 Law Enforcement Distribution funds and earns training credit within MITN)


Although not required, we highly recommend taking our YSINTG! (You Suck! It’s Not the Gun!®) course PRIOR to this classs. All students should be able to shoot the YSINTG target at 10 yards, zero time limit, firing 10 rounds, with the goal of keeping all rounds in the center of the black dot. To make sure students get the most out of time training with MDFI, students that cannot keep all 10 rounds on the target at the prescribed distance should take YSINTG! first.

Valid CPL or Law Enforcement Credentials (if you do not have either, email us for instructions).

Basic Handgun Knowledge: Student MUST have a competent working knowledge of their chosen firearm and how it works. (understand how to load/unload, lock slide back, etc.)

Physical Ability: Students MUST be able to manipulate their handgun WITHOUT assistance. (pull back slide, lock slide open, etc.)



Class Flow: MODERATE (students can expect full day of shooting and weapon manipulation from a static line).

Foundation Handgun is designed to stress the importance of proper weapon manipulation and shooting techniques. The goal of this MDFI Foundation class is to build a strong and efficient foundation regarding the proper use and manipulation of the Handgun as a defensive tool. Without a strong foundation, any additional training is wasted time. This class will prepare students for our “Advanced” level classes and is a mandatory prerequisite to move on with the MDFI curriculum.

This class is for students who understand the fundamentals of marksmanship, live by the four rules of responsible firearms handling, and are looking to learn to use the handgun as a defensive tool.


  • In-depth Firearms Responsibility (safety) and Medical Briefing
  • Inspection and Inventory
  • Concealment Issues
  • Carry/Draw Techniques
  • Shooting Techniques
  • The Threat Engagement Process
  • Handgun Manipulation
  • Ammunition Management
  • Stoppage/Malfunction Issues
  • MDFI Foundation Handgun Qualifier



  • Iron Sight or Red-Dot-Equipped (sighted in) Semi-Automatic Handgun – we highly recommend you train with your carry handgun.
  • 250 – 400 Rounds of Ammunition
  • 3 Magazines – you may want more if you magazine capacity is 10 or less.
  • Quality Holster & Belt – Handgun holsters MUST meet the criteria as outlined in the MDFI gear policies and MUST be used IN CONJUNCTION WITH A BELT (see policies). Failure to bring proper gear to class will result in the student not being able to train with their firearm and forfeit tuition.
  • A way to carry extra magazines (pants pocket is fine, or magazine carrier)
  • Eye + Ear Protection
  • You must bring your CPL (or LE credentials) to class.


  • Belt Worn Magazine Carrier
  • Appropriate Clothing for Weather
  • Sunscreen / Insect Repellent
  • Folding Canopy, Table and/or Chair
  • Snacks + Drink for 8 Hours of Training


Class Cost: $225 (any and all venue fees are included in the cost of tuition)

  • Saturday
    July 8, 2023
    9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Full Tuitionshow details + $225.00 (USD)  

Class Cost: $225 (any and all venue fees are included in the cost of tuition)

  • Saturday
    August 26, 2023
    9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Details Price Qty
Full Tuitionshow details + $225.00 (USD)  


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 19 reviews
 by Scott on Class: Foundation Handgun

Sunday April 2, 2023, one of the safest places to be in Michigan, was at Barrack 616 with Tim, Grant and Roman,

This is the third class I have taken this year with MDFI. My first was YSINTG! in the spring. I highly recommend taking that class before attending the foundation handgun class. If you are like me, you can always brush up on marksmanship. And I certainly need to do that. The foundation handgun class takes marksmanship to the next level by incorporating shooting techniques with additional requirements such as quick reloading, weapon manipulation and emergency tactics to keep your gun working. The class is challenging and fun. My classmates came from a variety of backgrounds and locales. We all worked to stay on task in an "ego-free zone" Tim and Thomas were great instructors that walked me through the drills in a collegial way.

Finally, and a big part of what has brought me back to MDFI, is the instructors' high regard for safety. Learning and having fun with inherently dangerous objects like firearms requires attention to detail by EVERYONE involved. Thank you to Tim and Thomas for addressing that issue straightaway and early on so that the day was safe, fun and educational for all of the students. Thanks again, MDFI. See you in the spring!

This class is critical for anyone responsibly considering EDC. I have spent years “punching holes in paper targets.” There are many additional skills required for EDC. This class is ground zero for development of those skills. Trek and Grant are a great teaching team! Thank you.

 by Andy K on Class: Foundation Handgun

Excellent Class! So much info!

Excellent instruction excellent instruction environment.
No mistake that safety is taken seriously, if you follow safety protocol you will have a fun time.

Highly recommend taking "You Suck! It's Not the Gun!" even if you are comfortable with your pistol first. I skipped it (but will be taking it) and regret not taking it first... but still had a great time.

Tremendous fun! Took the class with my son. Instruction was great - simple, straightforward, serious with an ample sprinkling of humor. Left with a knowledge of skills to practice and improve.

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