There are many good folks out there in our community that must choose between food, gas, clothing, etc well before ever thinking of having the budget to incorporate defensive tools/training into their lives. As such, we are formally launching the MDFI “Pay It Forward” Scholarship.

Any MDFI Alumni may nominate any person that they know who has a desire to acquire a home defense firearm and training yet cannot afford to do so. The MDFI alumni sponsor must put together a nomination letter, explaining why this individual is best suited for this scholarship. (You are vetting this person to us.) Their name will never be disclosed without their permission. Essentially this is an anonymous program.

Upon selection, the individual, MDFI cadre and Alumni sponsor will meet and discuss their defensive needs and situation. At the cost to MDFI, we will outfit the individual with a defensive firearm and support equipment best suited to their needs. This individual will also be able to attend pertinent training for that discipline for that training year. (Firearms will be routed through ATEi, and individual will need to meet all state and federal requirements.)

All gear is a loan for as long as the scholarship winner needs it. Should this individual choose not to use it any longer or find themselves in a better financial situation, the gear will be returned to MDFI to be passed on to another member of our community.



  • As an MDFI Alumni, you may nominate ANYONE you know that has a desire for formal training and a home defense firearm.
  • The nominee must be legally able to obtain a firearm.



  • If you wish to nominate someone: With their permission, please write up a document that explains-
    •  Your full name and contact information
    • The full name and contact information of the nominee
    • Your relationship to the individual
    • Why you are nominating this individual (in detail)
  • Once completed, please email this document to with the subject line,
    “Pay It Forward Scholarship Nominee”
  • After the end of the formal training year (November), the MDFI cadre will review and select the recipient of this scholarship for the next training year.



Once again, this program is ANONYMOUS. We are not doing it for publicity, etc. The goal of this program is to continue to build a citizenry of responsible, confident and competent firearm owners with the end goal of making our communities safer.

Should you have old gear that you no longer need (or just wish to donate to the program), please hold on to it for now. As we are outfitting our nominee, should we have a gear need, we will post to the alumni forum for assistance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at