MDFI Beyond A Door


MDFI Beyond A Door: Shoothouse

2-Day Class | UTM/SIM Only
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(this course is certified through MDFI and counts for Law Enforcement training credit)



If you plan to use:
A handgun – MDFI Foundation Handgun or equivalent
A rifle – MDFI Foundation Carbine or equivalent
A shotgun – Foundation Shotgun or equivalent
(email us for approval if a non-MDFI class)

Valid Concealed Weapon License or Law Enforcement Credentials (if you do not have either, email us for instructions).



MDFI Low Light Handgun or equivalent

MDFI Handgun Cover + Movement

MDFI Low Light Long Gun or equivalent

MDFI Long Gun Cover + Movement


Class Flow: PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY INTENSE This class is open to both Handgun and Long Gun.

Having to make movement inside a structure with an armed intruder is never advised. Even though this can put you at a major disadvantage, we recognize that there are certain circumstances when you may have to leave a known area for important reasons.

The culmination of all the core, foundation and advanced training classes we offer; MDFI’s Beyond A Door course takes place in a 360 degree shooting environment where each student’s capabilities and information processing are put to the test.

MDFI’s 2-Day Beyond A Door course will teach you how to make movement in any structure without exposing yourself unnecessarily while giving you a higher level of success when dealing with a real-world situation. Students will make multiple day and night runs through the shoot house during the two day class receiving feedback after every single evolution.


This is a problem-solving class. Not a shooting class. You just happen to have a firearm with you. This is THE class to run your gear as you have it set up at home or your daily carry. This is the class to test your ability think, shoot and move at the same time. THIS CLASS IS HIGH-STRESS AND PHYSICALLY DEMANDING.


This class is not a tactical fantasy band-camp to wear cool gear, shoot a lot and take photos to post online. This class will not allow for showboats, egos, or bad weapon-handling skills. This class is not an excuse to dress up and play SWAT.

NOTE: THIS CLASS IS UTM/SIM ONLY AT AN INDOOR SHOOTHOUSE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO SIMULATE COMMON OCCUPIED STRUCTURES. LIVE WEAPONS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED* Please carry to class as legally warranted. Cadre will notify students of proper range-safety procedures prior to training.


  • In-depth Firearms Responsibility (safety) and Medical Briefing
  • Discussion on ‘Why’ Movement In A Structure
  • Types of Doors
  • Covering Corners
  • Shooting Angles
  • Movement in a Structure
  • Movement in a Structure With Others
  • Communication
  • Use of Light (Handheld/Weapon Light) in Your Home
  • Decision Making




  • UTM AR15 Bolts are Included With Cost of Class – Bring your own 223/556 AR15 to class minus bolt (Please clean/de-oil your rifle as UTMs run better dry)
  • Spare Magazines – Wear Your Gear As You Usually Carry It
  • Handheld Light


  • UTM Handguns Are Included With Cost of Class
  • Magazines + Magazine Carriers Are Included With Cost of Class
  • Handheld Light


  • NLTA Pump Remington 870 Shotguns Available With Cost of Class
  • Handheld Light


  • Ballistic Eyewear Required
  • Class UTM ammo will be available for purchase on site. No more than 100 rounds needed for the weekend.
    • 9mm – $35 – $40 / box (50rds)
    • 5.56 – $45 – $50 / box (50rds)
    • NLTA shotgun ammo email for cost before registering
    • Ammo cost fluctuates due to supplier.
      MDFI will email students prior to class with current cost.
  • Personal Armor is NOT Required (if you wish to train in it, you may)
  • You must bring your CPL (or LE credentials) to class.


  • Clothing You Don’t Mind Getting Dirty / Damaged
  • Appropriate Clothing for climate (indoors but can be chilly)
  • Knee Pads
  • Extra Batteries
  • Note Taking Materials
  • Snacks + Drink for 2 Days of Training
    (Electrolyte Drinks/Powder)


This course requires one or more MDFI Foundation Level classes as a pre-requisite therefor registration is only open to MDFI Alumni (when logged into their account). If you are not an Alumni and would like to attend and believe you have the pre-requisites, please email us with a copy of your training certificates to start the registration process.


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 7 reviews
 by Adam on Class: Beyond A Door

An excellent eye-opener for folks who have never done door entry and room clearing, and a great refresher for folks who have some prior training. It really reinforces how hard it is by yourself.

 by Curt on Class: Beyond A Door

One of the best classes I have ever taken! The instruction and feedback from Trex and the other cadre was very helpful. They catch even the smallest things that you can improve on, and don't make you feel bad when there are big things that need improvement as well. I came away from this class with a much better understanding of how to move in and around structures, yet still feel like I could take this class many more times and learn just as much each time. Thanks for a great class and a great time!

 by Mark on Class: Beyond A Door

I am incredibly happy I took Beyond a Door this Spring (2019) because Trek and his cadre are excellent teachers and by performing new tasks I identified (and they helpfully highlighted) multiple areas of improvement for me. Each run showed me multiple aspects of my abilities I need to focus on to improve and Trek et. al. showed me additional behaviors I was not aware I did or did not exhibit, which was very important for me to learn.

Watching other students run through their scenarios was also quite helpful because it acted as virtual additional runs for me to help me learn more and solidify as much of the new information as possible. Taking the course multiple times would be very helpful, I believe!

Thank you Trek and Cadre for all of your hard work and excellent teaching!

 by Dick on Class: Beyond A Door

Outstanding class (03/23 & 24/2019)! MDFI offers a number of great courses that teach how to use a firearm under a number of different conditions—low light, concealment, up-close-and-personal, and so on. This course assumes we already know how to shoot, and focuses on staying alive in a 360 degree threat environment, deciding whether or not to shoot, and making the environment work for us. I’d previously taken the classes recommended in the course description, and I can definitely say that this was, by far, the most intense class to date. I learned almost as much from watching other students make their runs as I did from my own. The 23 hours of facility time just flew by, and very little of that was ‘down time.’ Trek and the cadre once again demonstrated the gold standard of firearms instruction. I came away having learned a lot, humbled by how much I have left to learn, and knowing how and what to practice on my own to lock in what this class was all about. If you’re serious about carrying a firearm, I consider this course to be a necessity. And, true to the MDFI ethos, the “no ego zone” was in full effect, and the course was more fun than I had expected. Great job, guys. And thanks, MDFI family. –Dick Swanson

 by Charlie on Class: Beyond A Door

Great class! Having done some live fire shoot house classes I enjoyed the simunition training in this class even more. I didn't notice a difference in the effectiveness of the training and the margin of safety was much higher. We were also able to run through the house many more times than in a live fire shoot house class, allowing for greater learning potential and repetition. Trek and his team were very good instructors and I thought their presentation and steps in the curriculum built on each other effectively. I would take this class again, and consider it to be crucial training if you are going to carry a firearm. Always humbling to take classes like this and realize how much I still have to learn and how much I can get better.

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