Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Make Range Safety Rules Make Sense Again w/ Trek

Phil and Andrew sit down with Trek to talk about the recent ups and downs with the MDFI family, then round out with some horror stories from public ranges and what is prompting Trek to try something different.

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Podcast: How to Take a Class and What to Expect

No matter which role you may fill in a firearms training class, this episode is valuable to students and instructors alike. Today’s guest is Erik Utrecht from Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute and between the two of us, we cover all kinds of issues pertaining to firearms training.

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Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Use of Force the Finale w/ Trek from MDFI

Phil, Andrew, and Trek sit down behind the mic for one more “Use of Force” chat in response to the multiple good and awful examples court cases and media have shown us of firearm use in recent years. Trek makes the case for why some of these high profile cases illustrate good takeaways and poor decision making.

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Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting from a Use of Force Perspective

Phil, Andrew, and Trek tear into the events pertaining to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the rules and laws governing appropriate use of force, and other considerations that influence how we deal with violent, potentially lethal, threats. How do we stay on the right side of the law?
Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Kinosha Kid vs. Texas School Shooter, and Vaccine Mandates

Phil and Andrew (MOF Podcast) sit down with Trek from MDFI and Northern Woods Training to talk about the apparent disparity in treatment between Kyle Rittenhouse and Timothy Simpkins, then pivot to the vaccine mandates and their possible effect on the ranks of severely understaffed police departments and other first responders around the country.

2022 Tom McNaughton Scholarship Winner!

Announcement of the 2022 winner for our Tom McNaughton Shooting Scholarship – the recipient will carry the torch in honor of the of the great Tom McNaughton by continuing on the path they have started to be the very definition of a responsibly-armed citizen.

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The Importance of Training

MDFI Alumni, Jared (14 years old) is one of the most squared away students we've seen in class this year. He interviewed Trek on the range with some questions about the importance of training.
Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: A Trek Into The Northern Woods

The guys from MOF and Trek discuss the Northern Woods Training Facility. With a more diverse focus than just firearms, Northern Woods hosts top tier instructors in the disciplines of tracking, emergency medical, counter custody, and primitive bushcraft.

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5.11 Call to Service

5.11 Call To Service Podcast w/ Trek from MDFI

5.11’s Call to Service gives insight to the public safety professional through interviews with some of the most accomplished individuals in their field. On this week, Trek of MDFI is on the show.
Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Trek & the Danger Zone Auction

Original Air Date: March 19, 2021 Phil and Andrew haul Trek from MDFI back on the show to discuss the Brian Terry Foundation and the Danger […]

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Practically Tactical

Practically Tactical: Less Than Lethal Selection with Trek from MDFI

Practically Tactical is the show where critical thinking meets every day carry. This show features a round table discussion on mindset, concealed carry, training and more […]

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