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5.11 Call to Service

5.11 Call To Service Podcast w/ Trek from MDFI

5.11’s Call to Service gives insight to the public safety professional through interviews with some of the most accomplished individuals in their field. On this week, Trek of MDFI is on the show.
Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Trek & the Danger Zone Auction

Original Air Date: March 19, 2021 Phil and Andrew haul Trek from MDFI back on the show to discuss the Brian Terry Foundation and the Danger […]

Alumni News – Feb. 24

Alumni News – Feb. 13

Practically Tactical

Practically Tactical: Less Than Lethal Selection with Trek from MDFI

Practically Tactical is the show where critical thinking meets every day carry. This show features a round table discussion on mindset, concealed carry, training and more […]

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Goodbye Social Media

January – Alumni News

Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Goodbye 2020 w/ Trek from MDFI

Phil and Andrew ring in the new year with Trek from MDFI to chat about the merits of thinking vs. reacting, a little reflection on this year we're punting out the door, and some more ATF shenanigans.

2021 Classes Now Open For Registration!

We have over 70 classes on the books for 2021 and registration is now open! You can find all of our course descriptions, pre-requisites, topics covered, […]


Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Post Election Shenanigans

Phil and Andrew are joined by Trek from MDFI for a talk about post election SHENANIGANS and some perspective for Trek regarding moving in and around crowds.

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Beyond A Door & The Human Element

Alumni News – Thurs. Oct 15

Last Call for the 2020 Season

Remaining Classes in 2020

Class Openings Coming Up!

Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Brian Terry, the Border, and the Quest for Answers

Phil and Andrew invite Trek from MDFI back on the show to talk about the search for answers surrounding Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, some of Trek's experience with the men that secure our border, and the situation for people on both sides.

Alumni BBQ & Swag Swap – This Weekend!

You STILL Suck! It’s Not the Gun!

Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Can I Shoot? Should You Shoot? (Use of Force – Part 2)

A follow up podcast to “Can I Shoot, Should You Shoot?” to talk about recent police use of force incidents, intermediate use of force, and the St. Louis homeowners confronting protesters.

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (so long as it is convenient)”

We have no more time to give and should waste no more time on those who are steadfast in only being, “Gun Owners.” It is time for this country to build, dedicate more time, and only tolerate, “Responsibly Armed Citizens.”

2020 Season Update

Open Spot for Ed’s Manifesto Tomorrow!

Matter of Facts Podcast

MOF Podcast: Can I Shoot? Should You Shoot?

The guys from MOF Podcast haul Trek from MDFI in for a very long discussion about use of force, both from a legal and a philosophical perspective.

MDFI Classes Are Back!

May Alumni News + Updates