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If the upcoming election and those in the running to clench the presidency of this nation has taught us anything, it is that politics and those that make living in that world toe a blurred line between dangerously clueless and culpable of great injustices against the American citizenry.
From a conservative candidate who steadfastly defends the completely illegal policy of “Stop and Frisk” to a liberal who has received so many passes for felonious activity that most believe she could get away with baking a puppy on live TV, scores of folks everywhere are starting to see behind the curtain and not liking what they see.
While the tragically-not-surprising horror film plays out on the national stage, actors at the local and state level continue their attempts to “one-up” the asshattery running for the White House. In articles past, I have discussed the outcome of when those without a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding regarding important topics are handed the power to enact law, do so recklessly, and degrade freedom (and by proxy harm law abiding citizens) in the wake of “the greater good.”
In a recent announcement on MLIVE: ( Lo!’ Yet another proposed “Assault Weapon Ban” and associated legislation that claims to be “Common Sense Firearms Legislation!” In what can only be described as a twisted Groundhog Day for freedom-lovers everywhere, Democrats from all over Michigan are pandering to the uneducated and over emotional in a push to clean up the appearance of firearms so they don’t look so scary.
According to the new proposals, defining magazine fed semi-automatic firearms as “assault weapons” that include at least one super scary feature including a “pistol grip” (the thing you hold the firearm with not the thing “that goes up”) a “shoulder stock on a pistol” (that actually makes it a Short Barreled Rifle via National Firearm Act Laws and already illegal without certain paperwork), a barrel shroud (because a shrouded barrel is evil), a muzzle break or compensator (because muzzle breaks are wiping out the rain forests), or a protruding grip not held by the trigger hand (What in the hell are you politicians talking about???) is sure to clean up the streets and remove evil from the hearts of men.
If only our state politicians focused so hard on strengthening the consequences for trying to harm another human might we actually get somewhere. (You know, like the anti-gun state senator Virgil Smith from Detroit who opened fire on his ex-wife and was only sentenced to 10 months)
In this new round of derptitude, we see proposals to:
  • Require the provision of ballistic identification to police before certain sales of handguns (Rep Townsend) This of course has proven to be a gross waste of resources wherever it has been implemented but hey, you know what they say defines insanity….


  • Require the reporting of stolen or lost ammunition (Rep Stephanie Chang) Ah yes….because like Foghorn Leghorn, we keep all bullets numbered for just such an occasion. Tell you what politicians, Ill drop a single 9mm round in a box of 999 other 9mm cartridges and let you play detective…. Let me know when you give up.


  • Prohibit and increase penalties for brandishing of an imitation firearm (Rep. Wittenberg) Hmm…you mean like being shot in the face by a lawfully armed citizen or Law Enforcement Officer? Because you want to know how you can lawfully be shot? Brandish a fake gun to someone that has a real one. I would highly recommend a simple course on the judicious use of deadly force by anyone thinking of making laws about use of force issues….might be a good idea….jus’ sayin’.


  • Prohibit and provide penalties for altering a firearm or an imitation firearm (Rep. Wittenberg) Lucky for all of us taxpayers, tons of Federal and State Laws already exist regarding the unlawful modification of firearms. (As for removing the orange tip from fake guns, SEE: Getting shot in the face by responsibly armed citizens)
And of course…
  • Prohibit and provide penalties for purchasing or attempting to purchase a firearm with the intent to furnish it to a minor or another individual prohibited from having a firearm (Rep. Jon Hoadley) Rep. Hoadley is no stranger to making heads hurt across the state in what can only be described as a laughable attempt to understand firearms, freedom, and responsible gun ownership as highlighted here calling for laws that already pack the US Code and Codified Law across this land regarding the illegal sale or transfer of firearms to prohibited parties. (
Once again in a terrifying merry-go-round of politic’n that seems to never end, we are faced with the eternal question regarding the actions of those in positions of power who swore an oath to those they are required to represent: It is gross ignorance or intentional action?
Either way, we should all start taking a deep, hard look at who in the hell is driving this bus and figure out a way to pull over.
– Trek
Ghost Guns

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