The Employee Handbook. Corporate Policy. Standard Operating Procedures.

I would bet that most of us have worked in a business where we have experienced one, some, or all of the above items. Every few months, a story crosses our news-feed where a law-abiding yet, policy-violating employee thwarts a violent criminal act with a firearm.

Today, Michiganders and Americans everywhere were discussing a recent incident where a valet at General Motors used a lawfully owned and carried firearm to stop a stabbing only to be banned for his efforts.


When situations like this hit the mainstream, the floodgates of derptitude and disinformation muddle down the realities of these situations and how it effects all of us.

There are states where a “No-guns” sign holds weight in a private establishment. All-in-all, those are few and far between. (Always research legalities of where you travel.) For us here in the Big Mitten, private establishment owner desires to disarm their visitors by policy do not hold any weight of law.

The rub of the situation is where responsibly armed folks are forced to choose between following their desires to not be a sitting duck, or to not be welcome at a place that they need to be…..often to pay bills, buy groceries, etc. (See: Job)

The Realities: I hate to break it to you business owners, but if you have a no-guns policy, you have employees who have mastered the art of concealed carry. Like the armed citizen in the story above, you will not know that they are armed until they save a life and earn a pink slip with a smile on their face as they head home to hug their loved ones.

The Legalities: There are corporate security policies (like the policy form in the picture above) where not only are guns not allowed, but “All persons are subject to search” at any time should the company believe someone to be armed. It turns out, ALL of us are subject to search of our persons and belongings at any time…..but only from agents of the government that have fulfilled numerous 4th Amendment prerequisites. (Lawful Search and Seizure)

A corporate search policy weighs nothing to a citizen….unless the citizen makes it that way. An employee who is asked to upturn their briefcase for a random search has EVERY right to say, “No.” as long as they no longer desire to work at that firm. A visitor may also refuse, and only has a Trespass charge to fear if they do not leave immediately when told to do so by a representative of that private property. Visitors should note that the consequences of lawfully carrying a weapon or refusing a search could be vast to include disciplinary action for their escort.

The “Trek is gonna’ beat you to your comments”: As a Constitutional Libertarian, I hold private property rights very high on my list. That being said, I hold my safety and that of my loved ones higher. I go out of my way to support businesses that support individual freedoms, I (prior to my MDFI days) have worked for two great businesses that have “We welcome guns on the premises” signs out front (and had the honor to author the firearm “Corporate Policy” for one that is still being used today), and if those types of businesses aren’t available, I go where I need to go to get things done as a responsibly armed (yet perhaps unwelcome) customer.

The Challenge: We know that good people need to Semper Gumby (Be “Always Flexible”) to put food on the table. We know that saying, “That policy is stupid – Just quit!” isn’t always a reality. The challenge for any who find themselves in a catch 22 with work and freedom is to make the 100% personal decision on how to proceed. To interject a bit of opinion on top of an already saturated editorial: Make sure you get home to see those you love. Period.

For the private businesses that trust their employees with making money but not protecting themselves: Ill leave you with this – If you push a man into a tiger pit and he is mauled by the tiger, is it just the tiger’s fault or the person who put him in that situation? Luckily, I support your private business rights (No- you cannot search me.) and you have every right to set up your tiger cage however you want. To the brave law-abiding tiger wrestlers out there. I wish you a safe life to a great retirement.

To our politicians who create public places that disarm their citizens: We need to talk. Stay tuned….

– Trek, MDFI

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