Tracking is one of the oldest disciplines of mankind. As humans have evolved, they have moved further and further from their roots as Trackers. MDFI is proud to have Greenside Training of Arizona as one of our Training Affiliates where MDFI Alumni can work on their situational awareness and truly weaponize the senses that we were all born with. Anyone can be a Tracker, and Greenside Training will show you how.

The Senses

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Next class will be in 2023.

Camouflage &

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Grid Down

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Greenside Training
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 by Matt on Greenside Training

Weaponize the senses will give you the basic lessons and vocabulary necessary to process spoor and follow a track. Freddy is an excellent instructor and leads each lesson with quiet confidence and good humor. I would recommend to anyone that wants to learn how to get more information from the environment around them.

 by Brad on Greenside Training

I took this class on the recommendation of a friend. I am a teacher but I love the outdoors. I am also a hunter and I wanted some techniques to help track deer. I came away from the class with a better understanding of how to read tracks and what to look for. Freddy does a great job of demystifying the subject of tracking and breaking it down into understandable components. By the end of the weekend, we were tracking and being successful. While I am in no danger of being called an expert tracker, I feel confident in the skills that we worked on this weekend. This is a great class for anyone who loves the woods and wants to increase their understanding of the natural world.