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Bullets & Bandages


1-Day Class

$200 + $25 range fee (covers any needed NLTA firearms rental)

$100 deposit required at registration – remaining balance due at class via CASH / CHECK


  • Concealed Weapons Permit from state of residence or notarized Non-CPL Holder Declaration
  • Dark Angel Medical’s Direct Action Response Training (DART) course or previous Civilian/LE/MIL Medical or Trauma Training (email for approval before registering)
  • MDFI’s Foundation Handgun or similar course (email for approval before registering)
  • Recommended: MDFI’s Handgun Cover and Movement course
  • Recommended: MDFI’s When Things Go Bad course


  • Wrap-around ballistic eyewear/ Non-shattering prescription lenses
  • Notepad with pen/pencil/Sharpie
  • Clothing suited to strenuous activity and seasonally appropriate that you don’t mind getting dirty/damaged/fake bloody
  • At least one long-sleeved shirt/jacket and long pants
  • Gloves
  • Footwear suited for rapid movement and turning
  • NLTA Handgun, 2-3 magazines, and appropriate holster/mag carrier (see NLTA notes)
  • 200rds of NLTA ammunition (see NLTA notes)
  • Recommended: Hydration system
    Sunscreen/Bug Spray
    Snacks/food for day
    Gloves/Knee/elbow pads


The Dark Angel Bullets & Bandages course takes the life-saving skills the you have learned in the classroom and on the range and put them to the test when coupled together. This 1-day course will work to ensure you can apply life-saving skills to yourself and others under stress with the ability to continue fighting as to not become a further casualty.

This class is not for beginners. At the time of attendance, students should be incredibly proficient in their firearms marksmanship, handing, and ability to work around others while maintaining control, and have a solid foundation of emergency trauma management knowledge. This class will utilize NLTA (Non-Lethal Training Ammunition) technology to allow more points of instruction than safely possible in a live-fire class. Students can expect square-range training, movement in and around others in a 360-degree environment, and under-fire medical Force on Force scenarios in this offering utilizing the medical knowledge of Dark Angel and firearms/Use of Force training from MDFI.

(but not limited to)

  • Proper use of cover and concealment
  • Treating personal injuries in an active shooter environment
  • Treating others injuries in an active shooter environment
  • Casualty recovery during emergency incidents
  • Response to Active Shooter
  • Injured shooter techniques
  • Force on Force Scenarios


  1. Range Fee includes use of NWTF Simunition G17, Magazines, Holster, and Magazine Carrier. You DO NOT need your own NLTA equipment to take this class.
  2. 200rds of NLTA UTM UTX 9mm ammunition is available for $150.00 from MDFI. YOU MUST LET US KNOW WHEN REGISTERING IF YOU NEED AMMO BROUGHT TO CLASS (There will be a drop-down question block during check-out) and then you will pay for your order at class start with cash. You may source your own NLTA ammunition before the class. (Unopened boxes of NLTA ammo can be sold back to MDFI for our cost at class end). PLEASE email us BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING if you choose to 1. Use a NWTF NLTA handgun and 2. Bring your own NLTA Ammunition. (We want to make sure you don’t spend money on the wrong stuff)
  3. Students MAY bring their own NLTA Handgun and applicable NLTA ammunition/associated gear. MDFI reserves the right to inspect all student supplied NLTA gear.


  1. This course includes Force on Force/Force on No-Force Scenarios utilizing NLTA Ammunition. In short, it stings if you get hit. Make sure you have clothing with you that will not leave exposed skin on the neck down. (All other needed protective equipment will be provided during those points of instruction.)
  2. NO LIVE FIREARMS, KNIVES, OR WEAPONS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED IN THIS CLASS. Please note that you MAY bring your lawfully carried self defense tools with you to NWTF (See NWTF rules HERE) but at class start, instructors will describe and implement sterile-area protocols and once in effect, any who violate them will be banned from NWTF for LIFE. 


2021 Dates Coming Soon.

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