Everyone may have heard the news about MDFI’s new home base for firearms training at the newly-acquired Spectacle Lake Outdoor Club in Albion, but even many who have been long-time MDFI Alumni members have never set foot at our quiet training spot in the Northern Woods of Michigan: The Northern Woods Training Facility.

Just a tad North of Chase, MI in the middle of nowhere, we turned the back half of MDFI HQ into a 8-acre training facility for “everything other than firearms” training.

A classroom, Spoor (Tracking) Pit, Restrooms/Showers, Bushcraft Area, Campfire/Social Area, Camping, Tomahawk/Throwing Knife Targets, and our newly opened “Shoot Neighborhood” where we hold our “Beyond A Door” Shoothouse class utilizing an armory of “Non-Lethal Training Ammunition” (NLTA) weapons, NWTF has a lot to offer those who attend.

This year, we have some really cool offerings coming up:

September 16 and 17, we are hosting yet another awesome Dark Angel Medical DART 1 class. Currently there are only 2 spots remaining for this one. If you have not taken this class yet you are missing out on the best life-saving training possible!

On September 30-October 1, we are holding the second and final Beyond A Door class here at NWTF. If you want to get off the square range and into moving through structures while armed, this is the class for you. We have 3 shoothouses filled with furniture that you will have the opportunity to navigate in daytime and low light runs.

On 1 -2 October, Freddy from Greenside Training of Arizona (and former active duty Marine Scout Sniper) is joining us for a 2-day Camouflage and Concealment class and will teach you how to disappear in your environment.

Capping off this year’s NWTF offerings is Ben’s Backwoods/Lester River Bushcraft’s Essential Northwoods Bushcraft and Survival Skills class. This class is PERFECT for the whole family and is two days of fun skill-building and hands-on training to make your environment work for you. Stay in the shelter you made or tent (if you want) or hit the hotel on night one and come back for more the second day.

If you have not visited NWTF to date, find a class that fits your training desires and snag a spot! We’d love to show you what we have been working on in our quiet spot in the woods.

You can find more at NorthernWoodsTraining.com

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