• Saturday
    August 19, 2023 - August 20, 2023
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm

On Saturday 19 August, we will have the first SLOC Member / MDFI Alumni BBQ and Swag Swap at Spectacle Lake Outdoor Club (11450 25 ½ Mile Rd, Albion).

Essentially, SLOC will be open for all SLOC Members and their families, and non-member MDFI Alumni for a great time with awesome folks. The official event starts at 9AM Saturday and ends at Noon on Sunday the 20th for those SLOC Members and their families who decide to camp out Saturday night. 


  1. SLOC Members: Both Daily and Annual Members may bring their immediate families (spouses and children) to the event and any guest fees are waived for this event*. SLOC Members and their families may camp and stay on property as part of the event until Noon on Sunday, 20 August.There is no cost to attend the party.
  1. Those that will become a Daily Member of the club BEFORE the event may bring their immediate families to the event and any guest fees are waived for this event*. SLOC Members and their families may camp and stay on property as part of the event until Noon on Sunday, 20 August.There is no cost to attend the party
  1. Non SLOC MDFI Alumni members are welcome to the event. There are no guest options for non SLOC members. All non-members must depart the property by Midnight on Saturday, 19 August.There is a $25 guest fee to attend the party

(Hint: We want YOU to be part of the club. Snag a Daily Membership, support the club, and come to the party with your family free of any guest fee. Email SLOCrange@gmail.com for membership documents- it does not take long to complete)

*Range use is restricted to SLOC members only and IAW normal Member/Guest policies during the party. 


Saturday – August 19
12:00 Noon – 5:00pm


SLOC provides the meat, guests bring a dish to pass.
Although we hope some guests bring some soda or juice beverages to pass, please be prepared to bring a beverage of your choice. Alcoholic beverages are permitted IAW law and responsible drinking practices. Anyone drinking alcoholic beverages and carrying/handling firearms in any way, shape, or form will be asked to leave at a minimum. (One of those things that should not need to be said, but we need to say it.)

It’s a BBQ. Have fun with it. Be safe and responsible. Easy-peasy.


Saturday – August 19
10AM – 5:00pm


Bring all gear and guns you want to sell and make some $$$ Please bring a table or blanket/tarp for the ground if you can. Aside from lawfully carried firearms (handguns only please) no firearm you bring to sell will be loaded in any way.  

ALL FIREARMS BROUGHT TO SELL WILL HAVE A ZIP TIE THROUGH THE ACTION OF THE FIREARM. (Its a small/cheap task for a quick and visual way to make sure we are being as safe as possible.) All things* (As allowed by law) are allowed at the swag swap. There will be a donation bin for unwanted gun parts/accessories for the MDFI Alumni that you just can’t sell. The MDFI Swag Store will be open here as well.

Firearms WILL be handled at all times IAW the Four Rules of Responsible Firearms Handling


Saturday – August 19
6:00pm – ????


Bring a sweatshirt, a stogie if you wish and your favorite drink to enjoy as we relax and tell stories around the fire. This is grown up time. Nuff’ said. As above, you drink – you don’t carry a firearm. The Annual Zombie Shoot will happen as well- Be prepared! 


Ranges are open until 5PM on Saturday and closed until Sunday at Noon. All SLOC Range use is in accordance with normal member/guest policies regardless of the event guest policy. Unescorted non-member guests are not allowed to use the ranges during this event. Range 1 (Training Bay) will be closed for the entirety of the weekend. 


Saturday Night

SLOC Members and their families are more than welcome to camp on the property Saturday night. There is no electric / water, but we will have a couple port-a-johns. (There will also be drinking water on site). Please plan accordingly and make sure that you can survive without running a generator for a night so not to disturb other folks. (Power for cell phones, etc is available at the clubhouse but there are limited outlets…but hey, you’re at a party so get out of the Matrix for a day or two!) The club goes back to, “Normal operation” at Noon on Sunday. 


We cannot have any animals aside from previously-approved certified working animals on property due to past experiences. Our upfront apologies to those that might not be able to attend for that reason. 


Please see “Attendee Options” above. 


For those that have questions after reading all of this, all good! Shoot us an email at SLOCrange@gmail.com and we will get you squared away!


11450 25 1/2 Mile Rd., Albion, Michigan, 49224, United States


Range has no Restroom Facilities (Outhouse Only) / No Food On Site (please pack a lunch)

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SLOC Membershow details + $0.00 (USD)  
Not a member yet, but will submit paperwork prior to eventshow details + $0.00 (USD)  
MDFI Alumni Membershow details + $25.00 (USD)  

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